Porting to Emscripten

by Turo Lamminen and Tuomas Närväinen from Alternative Games You can find this article also from Mozilla Hacks! Emscripten is an open-source compiler that compiles C/C++ source code into the highly optimizable asm.js subset of JavaScript. This enables running programs originally written for desktop environments in a web browser. Porting your game to Emscripten offers several benefits. Most importantly it enables reaching a far wider potential user base. Emscripten games work on any modern web browser. There is no need for installers or setups – the user just opens a web page. Local storage of game data in browser cache means the game only needs to be re-downloaded after updates. If you implement a cloud based user data storage system users can continue their gameplay seamlessly on any computer with a browser. More info is available in: General overview of porting in Emscripten documentation A porting experience using Unity WebGL While Emscripten support for portable C/C++ code is very good there are some things that need to be taken into consideration. We will take a look at those in this article. Part 1: Preparation Is porting my game to Emscripten even feasible? If it is, how easy will it be? First consider the following restrictions imposed by Emscripten: No closed-source third-party libraries No threads Then, already having some of the


Welcome to our new website!

We have opened a new website to better provide information about our ports and work. You can find what we have done and sometimes maybe also what we are going to do in the near future. We are also planning to open a blog to provide some key information about our ongoing development and updates of opensource tools relevant to our porting work.